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Vinhomes Gardenia Apartments

Vinhomes Gardenia is a green city consisting of luxurious apartments and compound villas for rent with a peaceful living space and modern amenities for residents.
  • Building Overview:

  • VINHOMES GARDENIA Luxury Apartments and Villas

    Vinhomes Gardenia is a green city consisting of luxurious apartments rental and compound villas for rent with a peaceful living space and modern amenities for residents. Is a modern city,” all in one” With complete modern facilities, international standard service system such as schools, clinics, supermarkets, swimming pools, sports facilities, gardens and many other amenities will provide residents a new life filled with emotions that help balance life and relax with family after the hard working time.

    About Apartment in Vinhomes Gardenia My Dinh

    Vinhomes Gardenia has three high class apartment buildings with a height of 37 and 39 floors offers more than 2037 luxury apartments with the size ranging from 54 to 146 m2, from 1 to 4 bedrooms and 364 villas. , adjacent, shophouse is designed luxury, smart create ventilation for apartments have fully natural light.

    The Botanica Vinhomes Villas

    The Botanica Vinhomes is a green and beautiful eco-city that has been optimized to meet the highest standards of living environment, both modern and green, fresh and more always ensure the standards of ecological environment
    The Vinhomes Botanica has a total of 65 units of land adjacent to each block from 74.5 m2 - 301 m2, the construction area from 52.9 m2 -250 m2 / unit. Vinhomes Botanica Villas has a total of 58 Villas with total land area from 209.2m2 to 381.65 m2. Shophouse Vinhomes Botanica includes 172 shophouse designed from 4 to 5 floors. Land are of each shophouse is 88.5 m2 - 262.7 m2, construction area is 73 m2 - 190 m2 / unit.


    Vinhomes Gardenia My Dinh is located in Ham Nghi, Tu Liem District, Hanoi - very close to the national administrative center, My Dinh Stadium. Located near Pham Hung Street, Le Duc Tho Street ...

    Utility Services:

    With 66 international standard facilities and services, Vinhomes Gardenia offers residents a balanced, modern, classy and complete living environment as a miniature city.

    Green utilities with 10 unique gardens

    In the beautiful city of Vinhomes Gardenia, residents live in the fresh air and experience countless things every day with 10 unique gardens and a variety of green utilities such as garden, , Japanese garden, pet park, BBQ garden, chess garden, green island, scene and resting place.

    VinMart consumer market

    VinMart supermarket has a large scale with tens of thousands of items belonging to different groups of industries such as food, cosmetics, household appliances, household appliances, fashion ... to meet all living needs. day of Vinhomes Gardenia residents. In particular, residents of Vinhomes Gardenia can be completely assured with clean and safe food from brands such as VinEco.

    Entertainment and health care

    Beside the green space in full, peace of mind with water, clean food and security, all needs of entertainment and health care Vinhomes Gardenia residents are met with maximum 12 Facilities include: Indoor and outdoor four-seater pools, Jacuzzi, Jacuzzi, multi-disciplinary sports playground, children's playground, outdoor exercise area, yoga floor ...

    22 standard services of 5 star Vinhomes

    In Vinhomes Gardenia, in addition to a comprehensive system of utilities, 22 five-star standard services help you enjoy a relaxed life with family. From home cleaning, landscaping, laundry, technical repairs, insect repairs ... to placing flowers, or managing your own rental property; All your needs are meticulous, dedicated and professional.

    Vinhomes Gardenia is the first high-end urban area development of the Vingroup in My Dinh area - the West of Ha Noi offering a high living standard and flexibility in interior designs, the apartments are expected to elicit special attention in the market. It is designed by the world’s leading architecture consultancy firms, such as Singapore’s CPG and Canada’s West Green Design.

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