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Starlake City Hanoi: Villas & Apartments

STARLAKE Hanoi is the most luxurious and modern city offer 364 luxurious villas, landed houses and thoudand apartments for rent, sale. High Class resident in Hanoi
  • Building Overview:

  • Starlake City Hanoi Complex

    Starlake Hanoi is invested by Daewoo E & C Group to become one of the most modern and luxurious urban city in Vietnam. With an area of ​​186.3 hectares, Starlake Tay Ho Tay It is one of the largest urban projects with the largest scale and area in Hanoi, connecting with the green space of West Lake and the high way to Noi Bai International Airport, STARLAKE is the symbol of a zone. Vietnam's most modern and advanced urban.

    Daewoo E & C Group, with extensive experience in project development in more than 47 countries around the world, possesses a team of world-class experts and know-how promising to create a classy urban Hanoi. It is in harmony with nature in addition to functional areas such as administration, hotel, education, commerce and entertainment.

    Best location: STARLAKE Complex is located in a "Golden" land of Hanoi, Starlake gives you the opportunity to experience and enjoy the benefits of a super-high-end metropolis in the heart of Hanoi. The headquarters of the Ministry, branches and diplomatic corps headquarters. 5km from the center of Hanoi and 14km from Noi Bai international airport along the Nhat Tan - Noi Bai highway, very convenient transportation to the administrative areas of Hanoi. Ciputra urban area, My Dinh .... On the other side, Starlake is located in the focus area of ​​the city's transport development strategy, right next to high way (Nhat Tan Bridge), Ring Road 2.5 (west of Hanoi), ring road 3 (Thang Long Bridge), and urban railways 2 and 4 in the future. It is also the place where the Government of Vietnam has chosen to have offices of Ministries, National Administrative Center, Diplomatic Compound and National cultural masterpieces. Hence, STARLAKE Tay Ho West becomes the new administrative center of Hanoi capital, the destination of diplomatic delegations, cultural events and  international and will also be home to many foreigners to live and work in Hanoi.

    The Western end of West Lake (Tay Ho Tay) where STARLAKE is proudly located is the centre of feng shui of Hanoi, on the Ho Tay – Ba Vi axis – the spiritual axis of Hanoi. It is nestled between two major mountains, Tam Dao (in the East) and Ba Vi (in the West). It is considered the spiritual domain of Thang Long, West Lake is the nexus of Wealth, Success and Prosperity.

    Infrastructure system

    Living in STARLAKE Tây Hồ Tây to enjoy the most advanced technical infrastructure in accordance with international standards. STARLAKE Hanoi, which opens up a new horizon, always strives for a unique lifestyle, a perfect life for all residents.
    STARLAKE is a complete urban area where the residents have the opportunity to experience and access the perfect facilities in the most modern living space, class office space, cultural exchange and global education space, Shopping mall and luxury entertainment.

    Starlake City offers the world's most modern technology, the best in design and state-of-the-art in construction of financial and commercial towers, STARLAKE offers a professional business environment for Domestic and international businessmen.

    Starlake City is a cultural elite dating site with the first art street in Hanoi will be formed here. All residents will be able to discover the cultural colors of Vietnam and the world through the miniature spaces of the Broadway Art Street, or a glimpse of Venice, Of Times Square (USA) right at STARLAKE.

    Starlake City is also a shopping paradise full of the largest and most modern commercial centers and centers of the world, bringing you access to the world's most civilized and world-class lifestyle. . It is also an ideal place for domestic and foreign businessmen to work, shop, connect and entertain.

    Starlake City provides the international standard infrastructure built to consist of high-end hotels and shopping centers to meet the needs of STARLAKE residents.

    Starlake City is the place to give you the dream living space between bustling capital city - in harmony with nature. The operation of gas and water in the West Lake space connected to the axis of green space and the system of beautiful lakes create harmonious living environment with nature. Connected to Peace Park, Friendship Park, Water Park, STARLAKE is modern but still blends with the green ecology and space water area, creating an ideal living environment for residents here.

    Starlake City provides the International Education Standards

    Urban Starlake City dedicates 8ha of land to schools that are International standard schools at all levels will play alongside UNIS, SIS, HIS, CAS, Hanoi Academy in the area. Located close to the most prestigious universities in Vietnam, residents of STARLAKE have easy access to high education institutions.

    Starlake West Lake West and World Class Utilities

    Starlake West Lake - the best location to connect West Lake space with green space axis and beautiful lake system harmony, giving residents ecological habitat in the heart of Hanoi

    Starlake Tay Ho is the most modern, multi-functional urban area for you to enjoy the utilities synchronized in ideal living space, office space, cultural space and cultural exchange. Global entertainment, shopping malls and luxury entertainment.

    Starlake City promises to create a civilized, modern, multi-national community, with absolute privacy and security. Unlike other projects, the residential area only accounts for 16% of the total project land area. Furthermore, the buildings in the residential area are low rise and low construction density.

    This contributes to the eco-friendly philosophy integrated into each STARLAKE residential space and design.

    The philosophy of open space, in harmony with nature, is considered in every design detail.

    STARLAKE Luxury villa

    Starlake City is aiming to become one of the most luxurious and luxurious urban areas in Asia, so we always take care in every detail of infrastructure, high quality service and modern architecture. The luxurious design emphasizes open space, friendly with nature, has put STARLAKE villa into a perfect choice for a unique and classy lifestyle.

    STARLAKE villa area is especially geared towards enjoying and experiencing an upbeat, classy, ​​modern and comfortable living that makes every resident of this place feel proud and proud to have a positive life style. Level with friends and relatives when visiting.
    STARLAKE villas are specially designed with garden surrounding and many green spaces within the complex provides you the most perfect living environment, With a triple security system, the safety and privacy of you and your family are always at the highest level.

    The uniquely high-class lifestyle is the pride for each and every owner at STARLAKE VILLA.

    Every aspect in the design of STARLAKE villas depicts the luxury and prestige of a refined lifestyle. If exterior design is fine-tuned to the smallest detail by us, then interior design is reserved for your sophistication.

    STARLAKE  City offers  364 luxurious villas & landed houses, STARLAKE is customized for high-class and sophisticated living. The inclusive settings of advanced infrastructure, modern design and a green environment connected to a beautiful lake of 4.5 hectares make STARLAKE VILLA the ideal choice for a world-class life.

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