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Houses & Villas to rent in Tay Ho, West Lake Hanoi.

Find Houses or Villas for rent in West Lake, Tay Ho District Hanoi. We have largest database of available houses in West Lake Tay Ho with lake view, courtyard or garden in all price to fit your budgets. Tell us your requirements, furnished or unfurnished houses with some other ideal and best location or street as in Quang An, Nghi Tam, Xuan Dieu, To Ngoc Van, Dang Thai Mai, Xom Chua...) we will select a suitable house for your visiting to save you time to find the right home

West Lake is the biggest lake in central Hanoi, Ho Tay or West Lake is an important tourist attraction that spans 500 ha of the Tay Ho district and is one of the most ideal location for your home in Hanoi capital. West Lake area or Tay Ho District provide you a best living environment and neighborhood so Westlake area will be the first choice for all most people who moving to Hanoi. In West Lake areas, It it easier to find a ideal house and Villa to rent in Tay Ho than Hoan Kiem, Hai Ba Trung District or others District in Hanoi.

Ciputra Hanoi is a part of Tay Ho District which offer hundred Ciputra houses to rent, it is good, safe for children to play outside and run around, play or ride their bikes. We recommend it for anyone who has kids. If you don't have a motorbike, and plan on taking taxi's everywhere, then it ends up being expensive.  There's one overly priced tiny western supermarket there, and one restaurant, with a fancy westernized menu and inflated prices for their average tasting fare. The streets are empty, except for those giant horses towering down over you. It kind of feels like a giant rain cloud is about to open over the place. Really, it’s a huge ghetto for rich people.



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Houses/Villas in Tay Ho WestLake