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Imperia Garden Apartments

Imperia Garden luxury apartments for rent with well-equipped and modern furniture. Buiding has full amenities as pool and Gym provides residents a perfect living.
  • Building Overview:

  • Imperia Garden is a luxury apartment building complex provides residents a perfect living in the heart of Hanoi Vietnam. It offers hundred apartments for rent and villas for lease with well-equipped and modern furniture. The Building has fully amenities includes swimming pool, Gym and nice garden with its graceful boulevards, green, beautiful house roofs covered by a blue color from the soft cords trees, the flowers with sufficient sprawling bloom throughout the seasons blooming petal, green gardens, the waterfall spilled murmuring water flowing day and night gave residents a peaceful life, modern and romantic.

    In addition, Imperia Garden is prime located at 203 Nguyen Huy Tuong street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, between Nguyen Tuan and Nguyen Huy Tuong streets - Nearby schools, Hospitality, shopping, entertainment, shopping ... The traffic is very convenient to go anywhere in the city as well as industrial parks around the capital Hanoi. Only about 10 minutes by car to Hoan Kiem, Hanoi Railway Station, Center of Ba Dinh District.

    Imperia Garden Complex Contruction:

    With total land area of 42,264 m2, including education infrastructure area of 8,138 m2, construction area of high-rise buildings including four buildings of 8,780 m2 including 35-storey tower A , 29-storey Tower B, 27-storey Tower C and 27-storey Tower D with 2 floors of Basement for parking. Construction area of low-rise buildings including garden, outdoor swimming pool, communal living area, villa area is 7507 m2, area of greenery, landscape and internal walkway is 17,742 m2 , basement parking area of 35,000 m2 and garden area on the 7th floor is 743 m2.

    How is apartment in Imperia Garden:

    The apartments in Imperia Garden are designed in a modern, open layout, using flexible space, utilizing many functions, high quality equipped with equipment and furniture. The system includes 79 amenities. The Imperia Garden complex of apartments and villas also conquer the customers with the most luxurious design in the most comfortable way for the users. All apartments are full of natural light, creating both airy and spacious, while ensuring comfort in all spaces within the apartment.

    Apartments in Imperia Garden is modern design with open space be divided into 3 main areas, including public areas (with living room, kitchen and dining table); service area (laundry room, store and toilet) and private area (bedroom). It is designed for the best suited for use.

    Not only that, private space is also carefully calculated, creating the most comfortable for residents. In order to increase the aesthetics and elegance of the entire urban area, the shuttered door systems in the apartment block are optimized so that the homeowners can hang their clothes inside. Modern and expensive air conditioners are also heavily invested by investors to reduce the number of hot clusters in the apartment. Do not spend a lot of space on the heater so it is possible to have the heater and the washing machine the same and close the shutter door. This system is commonly used in Germany, both increased aesthetics, and helps to always dry clothes by the air conditioning.
    The Imperia Garden apartment uses a wide variety of glass to create a spacious space,  get maximize nature light and widen the view the green space of the garden and outdoor swimming pool at the center of the urban area.

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