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Discover Ciputra Hanoi Urban Area - Villas, Apartments and Utilities

Updated: 16/3/2023 | 12:08:39 PM

Ciputra Hanoi is a prime residential area with top-notch amenities, excellent security, green living spaces, and luxurious apartments and villas

Discover Ciputra Hanoi Nam Thang Long Urban Area

Ciputra Hanoi is a synchronized new urban area that meets international standards, boasting a "city within a city" concept with modern amenities, convenient location, and beautiful architecture, promising residents a luxurious and classy lifestyle. With international standards achieved, this urban area is not only an ideal living space but also a hub of economic and social development in Hanoi. It's amazing that you and your family have the opportunity to experience life here, where there are thousands of villas and apartments for rent in Hanoi.

Ciputra HanoiDesign: Ciputra Hanoi is designed by world-renowned architects with modern, luxurious, and fully-equipped styles.

  • Location: Located in a prime location on Vo Chi Cong Street, Ciputra Hanoi makes it easy for residents to travel to the city center and surrounding areas.
  • Amenities: Ciputra Hanoi is equipped with modern amenities such as swimming pool, children's playground, tennis court, gym, international schools, supermarkets, and other convenient stores.
  • Security: Ciputra Hanoi is protected 24/7 by professional security forces, ensuring safety for residents.
  • Living environment: Ciputra Hanoi is a green urban area with many trees, parks, and spacious grounds, providing residents with a clean and comfortable living environment.
  • The above factors have helped Ciputra Hanoi become a synchronized urban area that meets international standards, attracting a lot of attention and choices for settling down.

Ciputra Hanoi Apartments

Ciputra is a high-end urban area in Hanoi, Vietnam that offers various types of housing, including apartments. Here is a summary of the information about the apartments at Ciputra:

• Location: The apartments at Ciputra are located in high-rise buildings within the urban area, with convenient access to the city center and nearby areas.

• Design: The apartments at Ciputra are designed with a variety of sizes, ranging from 72m2 to 300m2, with different types of bedrooms. They are designed to be luxurious, modern, and fully equipped with amenities.

• Amenities: The apartments at Ciputra are fully equipped with modern amenities, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, children's play areas, restaurants, supermarkets, and other convenience stores.

• Security: The apartment area at Ciputra is protected 24/7 by professional security forces, ensuring safety for residents.

• Sales price: The selling price of apartments at Ciputra usually ranges from around 3 to 20 billion VND, depending on the size, type of bedroom, and floor level.

• Rental: In addition to buying and selling, apartments at Ciputra are also available for rent at relatively high prices, ranging from 600 to 5000 USD/month, depending on the size and amenities of the apartment.

• Evaluation: The apartments at Ciputra are highly evaluated for their amenities, living environment, security, and convenient location. This is an ideal place to settle down for those who want to live in a high-end urban area with modern amenities.

 If you are looking for apartment for rent in Ciputra Hanoi to experience living in a place with desirable amenities such as 24/7 security system, swimming pool, gym, tennis court, and more. In addition, Ciputra also has top international schools to meet the educational needs of families with young children. Come to Hanoi Real Estate Agency, a professional rental service team, and experience high-end living at Ciputra with quality apartments for rent and excellent service. We are committed to providing you with an amazing experience and meeting all your needs. Hanoi Real Estate is the perfect choice for providing diverse apartment designs that meet the needs of all customers. Contact us today for the best advice and support!

  • Ciputra Apartment Buildings

  • The Link L1,L2

The Link Ciputra apartment buildings (  L1, L2) are located in the center of Nam Thang Long urban area with full amenities and easy access to nearby areas. The apartments in buildings L1 and L2 are designed with luxury and modernity, featuring glass walls that not only provide an elegant look but also maximize natural light and offer stunning views of the golf course, inner gardens, etc. These two towers consist of 236 apartments ranging from 114m2 to 267m2, including 2-4 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and bathrooms.

  • The Link 3,4,5

Next to L1, L2 is The Link 3,4,5 project, a high-rise apartment building comprising 3 towers - L3, L4, and L5 - with 198 apartments in each tower. They are designed in a modern and luxurious style, with apartment sizes ranging from 57.8m2 to 153m2, including 2-3 bedrooms.

  • Parklane P1-P2

Parklane P1-P2 high-end apartments are located in the center of Ciputra urban area, surrounded by beautiful green gardens, a lake, and a park. The project consists of two 21-story towers with a total of 300 apartments, featuring only 8 apartments per floor. The typical apartment sizes are 145m2 for 3-bedroom apartments and 182m2 for 4-bedroom apartments.

  • Concord E1

Concord E1 high-end apartment building is located at the intersection of Pham Van Dong and Nguyen Hoang Ton streets, near the southwest gate of Ciputra urban area. The project consists of one 21-story tower with a total of 158 apartments, including 2-4 bedrooms. The typical apartment sizes are 123m2 for 2-bedroom apartments and 153m2 for 4-bedroom apartments.

  • Meridian E4-E5

Meridian E4-E5 high-end apartments provide residents with daily needs such as sports activities, shopping, and a small supermarket, a swimming pool, and are located right next to Hanoi Academy International School. The project consists of two 21-story towers with a total of 316 apartments, featuring only 8 apartments per floor. The typical apartment sizes are 123m2 for 2-bedroom apartments, 153m2 for 4-bedroom apartments, and 200m2 for penthouse apartments.

  • The G02-G03 apartment buildings

The G02-G03 high-end apartment buildings are two towers with a total of 358 apartments, featuring 8 apartments per floor. The typical apartment sizes are 117m2 for 2-bedroom apartments and 148m2 for 3-bedroom apartments

Villas/Landed House in Ciputra Hanoi

Ciputra Hanoi is a complex urban area consisting of various types of real estate, including villas. The villas in Ciputra Hanoi are built on large plots of land, with different sizes and designs that are designed with modern, luxurious styles and full of amenities with spacious, airy living spaces, arranged harmoniously to create a comfortable and convenient feeling for residents.

In addition, the villas in Ciputra Hanoi also have high-class amenities such as swimming pool, gym, tennis court, children's play area, garden, 24/7 security system, and guards ensuring safety for residents.

The villas in Ciputra Hanoi include semi-detached villas, detached villas, duplex villas, and expert villas. The area of villas in Ciputra Hanoi usually ranges from 120m2 to 500m2, but there are also larger villas with an area of up to nearly 1000m2.

The villas in Ciputra Hanoi are considered one of the most high-end villa areas in Hanoi, attracting many wealthy customers who are looking for a peaceful, classy and modern living space.

Ciputra Villa

  • Ciputra Villa at C-D-G block

Phase 1 of the villa area is called the C-D-G area. The first villa area of Ciputra is located on a paved road with two rows of green trees on the side, with a scale of 390 houses. The types of houses include semi-detached, duplex, and detached villas, with an area ranging from 126m2 to 324m2. The bright yellow houses with large glass windows and pure white curtains are surrounded by smooth green lawns.

  • Ciputra T Villas

Located in Ciputra Hanoi, T area is one of the most luxurious villa complexes in the project. It is situated in a prime location, surrounded by a large artificial lake. T area consists of a total of 236 detached and semi-detached villas, designed with modern style and full of luxurious amenities and facilities, meeting the needs of families who love convenience, class, and full amenities.

The villas in the T area have a scale of 251 units, including semi-detached houses and villas with diverse areas ranging from 140m2 to 600m2 with many different models and designs to meet the needs of customers. They are built with high-quality materials, with spacious and airy living spaces, harmoniously arranged to create a comfortable and convenient feeling for residents.

The facilities in the T villa complex are also diverse and luxurious, including swimming pool, gym, tennis court, children's playground, garden area, 24/7 security system, and guards ensuring safety for residents. Moreover, with a prime location next to the artificial lake, residents in the T area can enjoy fresh air, peaceful atmosphere, and beautiful scenery. T area is also located near top international schools and many entertainment areas, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, and other utility services.

  • Central Park Villas (Ciputra Q Villas)

The Ciputra Central Park villa complex, also known as the Ciputra Q Villas, phase 3 of the Nam Thang Long urban area, is one of the most luxurious and high-class villa complexes in Ciputra Hanoi project. The Q Villas are designed with modern architecture, surrounded by a canal, a greenery system, a golf course, and an artificial lake.

Each villa in the Ciputra Central Park Q area is designed with an open space concept, with a land area of about 400m2 - 500m2, modern design, and private internal security to ensure safety for customers. The design of the villas consists of 3 floors, with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 2 living rooms, 2 garages, and a front and back garden.

The Ciputra Central Park Q Villas are located in the "golden" position of the capital, considered as the "golden" urban area of Tay Ho, convenient for transportation to move to the suburbs, airport, or city center easily and conveniently.

The high-end Central Park villa complex is located within the overall Nam Thang Long urban area, with various types of areas and designs to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Welcome to Hanoi Real Estate, your premier destination for luxury villa and house rentals in Ciputra Hanoi. At Hanoi Real Estate, we offer a wide selection of premium rental properties ranging from spacious villas with private pools to elegant townhouses and apartments, all of which are equipped with the latest modern conveniences and security features. Our properties are located in some of the most sought-after areas of Ciputra Hanoi, with easy access to top international schools, restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. Whether you're a family in search of a spacious home with ample outdoor space for your children to play, or a young professional seeking a luxurious apartment with stunning views of the city, Hanoi Real Estate has something to offer everyone. Contact us today to learn more about our villas for rent in Ciputra Hanoi and let us help you find your dream home.

Ciputra Club: The High-Class Sports and Entertainment Complex in Hanoi

 Introduction to Ciputra Club

Ciputra Club: High-end sports and entertainment complex in Hanoi Introducing Ciputra Club – come and experience unforgettable moments in the fresh green space of the Nam Thang Long International Urban Area. Here, you can enjoy all the amenities including a golf course, fitness center, four-season swimming pool, Leadbetter Golf Academy, and many other sports facilities. In addition, the club also has a large banquet hall with a capacity of up to 400 guests, along with 11 separate VIP rooms that cater to your every need for hosting parties or conferences. Visit this destination for a relaxing and memorable time!

  • Golf course Ciputra Club proudly boasts the most beautiful golf course in the capital city of Hanoi, creating a perfect combination of golf and nature. Here, golfers can practice and relax to their heart's content, enjoying a resort-like feeling. Excellent golf swings that hit straight into the lush green fairways, surrounded by lakes and green grass, all create a beautiful and emotional scenery. The golf course at Ciputra Club is equipped with 40 driving ranges, covering over 300 yards of the lake surface, along with a chipping area with artificial sand holes and a putting area over 300m2, with natural green grass. Additionally, the Indoor 3D Golf Room is equipped with modern and accurate Full Swing Simulator technology that brings customers the most lively and realistic golf experiences to help improve their skills. Come and experience the difference at Ciputra Club!
  • Golf Academy - Ciputra Club The Leadbetter Golf Academy (LGA) at Ciputra Golf Training Center will help you feel more confident when entering the world of professional and efficient golf. LGA is a global academy system with 28 branches in 13 countries around the world, from Orlando to Spain, China, and here with an outstanding team of coaches who help golfers worldwide practice and improve their skills. All LGA coaches undergo rigorous and comprehensive training programs, ensuring that students receive the highest quality training at any Leadbetter Golf Academy in the world. Come to LGA at Ciputra Golf Training Center to enhance your skills and feel more confident on a professional golf course.
  • Golf Services - Ciputra Club Laguna Screen Golf is the leading provider of 3D golf games in Vietnam, bringing a new experience to the world of golf. With a wide range of modern equipment and facilities, Laguna Screen Golf offers a unique golfing experience with accurate swing measurements, vivid 3D images, and a variety of golf courses from around the world. Come and enjoy this exciting and new golfing experience at Ciputra Club!
  • Highlands Coffee - Ciputra Club Highlands Coffee is not just a famous Vietnamese beverage brand, but also an ideal home for those who seek peace and relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life. With its luxurious and cozy space, each visit to Highlands Coffee is an opportunity to savor the unique flavor of Vietnamese coffee and immerse oneself in the fresh atmosphere of the Ciputra urban area. Here, you can easily connect with new friends and exchange interesting stories about life, or simply relax and enjoy your unique moments. Highlands Coffee - an unmissable destination for coffee lovers and those seeking spiritual enlightenment.
  • Meat Farm - Ciputra Club The Meat Farm supermarket chain has officially opened at Ciputra Club and across Vietnam with the mission of bringing customers fresh, high-quality, 3F-standard food from "farm to table". With a wide-ranging and far-reaching vision, Meat Farm has imported unique and standardized products from the land of Kim Chi - Korea, committed to bringing customers the best shopping experiences. At Meat Farm, not only do you find 3F-safe food, but also clean Organic organic food from farms to consumers. You can freely choose the delicious meat or unique products from Korea at a very reasonable cost. At the same time, you can enjoy delicious fruit juice or a cup of coffee while waiting for your loved ones to shop.
  • Gym & Four-Season Swimming Pool - Ciputra Club Satisfy your passion for sports and self-discovery at Ciputra Club - Gym & Four-Season Swimming Pool. Enjoy a new day full of energy with diverse and modern indoor sports activities: Spacious Gym located close to nature and equipped with imported workout machines to help you exercise effectively. • Diverse Group-X classes suitable for all ages, from adults to children, helping you improve your health and enjoy the passion for sports. • Personalized Kick-boxing room, helping you develop skills and increase strength, as well as relieve stress after a long day of work. • Indoor Four-Season Swimming Pool, allowing you to exercise and entertain yourself underwater in all weather conditions. • Sauna, dry sauna, and Jacuzzi room, helping you relax and refresh your mind after a long day at work.

Review of Ciputra Hanoi Urban Area:

Ciputra Hanoi Urban Area is a modern, integrated and internationally standardised urban area located in a prime location on Vo Chi Cong Street. This urban area was designed by renowned architects and equipped with full modern amenities such as swimming pool, children's play area, tennis court, gym, international schools, and other convenience stores. In addition, within the urban area, there is a high-class entertainment and sports complex at Hanoi Ciputra Club, which includes a Golfline Training Ground, Gym & Four-Season Swimming Pool, Food and Beverage Area, and Event Services. Ciputra Hanoi is also protected 24/7 by professional security forces, has a healthy and comfortable living environment, and is a place that attracts a lot of attention and choice for settlement.

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