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Looking for a villa to rent in Tay Ho - Hanoi, Meet our experts and tell us your needs, we will help you to select most suitable villa that match your requires and send you the list for online viewing before have visual tour with us, this save you time to look/see and find your best villa to rent. With over 15 years experience in Tay Ho market, we are committed to finding exactly what you are looking for in this area to feet your budgets. Our selection of property rentals in Hanoi provides you with the best market has to offer and drive you to each property you are interested in and best of all to saving your time and money to find the right home.

This page includes a listing of available houses for rent in Tay Ho District WestLake Hanoi.  Villa rental in Tay Ho generally come with basic Furniture (fully equipped kitchens, mode appliances, air conditioning, and are set in beautifully manicured private grounds), private swimming pools, outdoor garden areas with barbeques, large terrace, West Lake View. Some are more West Lake front estate villas, with gated entrances, easy car access, car parking lot and a host of other amenities.

Villas for rent in Hanoi are generally comprised of from 4 to six bedrooms with garden, car access, good size pool, spacious living room and big function Kitchen, bed rooms are larger. Almost Villa in Hanoi has from 300 - 1000m2 land area and living space, it is not very easy to find a villa has a larger than 1000 m2 land area, just some villas includes a large garden and 5000 m2 of land area. Almost Villas are part full furnishing or non furnishing with some basic furniture such as: Kitchen, full air conditionals, washing and dryer machine.

About  West Lake area - Tay Ho District

Tay Ho District - West Lake area is the best place to stay in Hanoi where is selected by almost expats moving to Hanoi. Tay Ho District boasts some of the most interesting attractions around town including Phu Tay Ho, West Lake, Truc Back Lake. Good for restaurants, business, sightseeing, Tay Ho District - West Lake is a great place for your home and the perfect spot from which to explore amazing attractions so almost people moving to Hanoi love to stay. The properties in Tay Ho District of nowadays are much more modern and efficient than few year ago, more new house, villa, apartments to rent in Tay Ho by owner coming up. To save you time, Please send us a detail of your ideal house you are looking for such as, type of the houses, how many bedrooms, how much will you want to spending for the rent...

West Lake or Hồ Tây is a freshwater lake in the center of Hanoi, Vietnam. With a shore length of 17 km (about 10.6 miles), this is the largest lake of the capital and a popular place for recreation with many surrounding gardens, hotels and villas. A small part of West Lake is divided by Thanh Nien road to form Trúc Bạch Lake. One district of Hanoi is named after the lake, Tây Hồ District.

West Lake or Ho Tay was created from a curved part of Red River and appeared in several Vietnamese legends. One legend suggests that West Lake was shaped after the battle between Lạc Long Quân and a nine-tailed fox spirit. West Lake is bordered with many significant places in history of Hanoi and Vietnam. As Hanoi's largest lake, located right in the center of Hanoi, West Lake is rammed with many gardens, hotels, restaurants and other entertainment centers. For this reason, the real estate price of areas near West Lake is staggering and the surrounding quarters are often full with imposingly large edifices occupied by rich Vietnamese people and expats.

As a part of Tay Ho District, House in Ciputra is good ideals for any family has kids where is very safe for children to play outside and run around and play or ride their bikes.

It is easier to find a villa and House to rent in West Lake than almost other areas in Hanoi,

To make a comparison, view our listing of Villas in Ciputra and Villa in Vinhomes Riverside to get more ideals.

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